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Satu lagi situs yang layak dikunjungi rutin: www.progressleaders.org. Perlu sekali bagi calon pemimpin dan pemimpin di negeri ini, baik yang muda maupuan tua. Dari situs ini bisa belajar bagaimana menjadi pemimpin. Juga bisa belajar bagaimana mengelola pelatihan kepemimpinan.

Keterangan resmi dari pihak Progress Leaders:

The Center for Progressive Leadership is dedicated to expanding, developing, and diversifying our nation’s progressive political leadership.

In addition to running its own progressive training and leadership development programs, CPL partners with other progressive organizations to train a broader spectrum of progressive activists and promote their connection with the larger progressive movement.

Below is a summary of CPL’s current political leadership programs; click on the links for more detailed information, dates, locations and application procedures:

State Political Leaders Fellowship
Intensive Training for Emerging Political Leaders

CPL’s flagship training program recruits, trains, mentors, and connects promising political leaders and future candidates in our target states. The Fellowship consists of nine months of intensive political training, coaching, mentorship, and networking events.

CPL focuses on providing Fellows with the skills, resources, knowledge, and relationships needed to become effective future candidates, organizational leaders, and activists in their communities. In each of our target states, CPL trains between 40-60 political Fellows per year.

"The Center for Progressive Leadership gave me the ability to move from being someone sitting on the sidelines complaining about problems to being someone at the table helping make the decisions that shape our political future."

New Leaders Program
Changing the Face of Politics

The New Leaders Program works to change the face of tomorrow’s political leadership by connecting diverse college students and other young leaders from across the country with paid internships and entry level positions in progressive organizations. By identifying talented and diverse youth leaders who are passionate about creating social justice and equality, the New Leaders Program is working to diversify the staff of progressive organizations and promote the value of youth leadership.

Springboard Trainings
Engaging and Activating New Leaders

Springboard trainings provide activists, political staff, and future candidates with the skills and resources needed

to build long-term political power in their region. These 1 and 2-day trainings also serve as pre-trainings for our Fellowship programs, enabling CPL to recruit and evaluate potential applicants.

State and National Partnership Trainings
Developing Leaders in Partner Organizations

CPL partners with local and national organizations to run trainings in our target states and nationally. CPL has created partnership trainings with a variety of groups ranging from Young People For to the NAACP to the National Hip Hop Political Convention. Learn more

Network Trainings
Training Grassroots Activists Through House Parties

Network Trainings are innovative new training model that use online resources to deliver skills training to local grassroots activists all over the country through concurrent house parties and other community events.

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