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PhD Position Applied Mathematics

Description : The Delft Applied Probability Group offers a PhD position for 4 years, monthly salary up to 2600 euro. Topic: algorithms and analysis of Search Games. Application deadline: March 1st 2009 Candidates should have a MSc degree in mathematics, computer science or econometrics. Topic: A Search Game is a game of hide and seek in a given region, most often a graph or a region in euclidean space, in which the searcher is allowed to move and the hider is immobile. These type of games can be solved using discrete or continous optimization methods. If the hider is no longer immobile or if there is more than one hider, then the solution of these games becomes more involved. Solutions for the simplest regions, such as the unit interval or the triangle graph, have only recently been found. The goal of this PhD research is to extend these solutions using methods from applied probability and combinatorics. You will work with researchers from Delft
University and the London School of Economics.

Homepage : http://dutiosc. twi.tudelft. nl/probability/
Category : PhD position
Contact address : Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics P.O. Box 5031 2600 GA Delft The Netherlands
Keywords : game theory, operations research
Name : Robbert Fokkink
Email : r.j.fokkink@ tudelft.nl

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